2020 – A Strange Christmas

close up of baubles on a christmas tree

There’s no doubt about it, 2020 has been awful and one thing has spurred people on and that is the chance to see family during Christmas and new year and at the last minute, that was taken away, putting a dull feeling on Christmas for me before it really even began. My parents live about a seven-hour car drive away and they were planning on coming to visit over Christmas to see us and spend Christmas with their grandson but on the 18th December, the UK Government decided that it was safer for people not to travel crushing my parents plans to come and see us. I understand why the government made these decisions but I think that they have handled the whole situation since early 2020 atrociously. for me, it would have been wiser to promise to unveil Christmas plans on the 18th December rather than make promises early on that they knew they potentially couldn’t keep.

My mum was excited to take part in buying gifts for my son and making sure that Christmas would be fun and I really felt for them that they couldn’t come down this year. I wasn’t too bothered as the little one is still too small to really grasp what Christmas is although he has revelled in the festivities at nursery and he is mesmerised by the tree. My goal was to ensure that Christmas was as much fun for him as it could be and to realise that its best to be safe and healthy this year than to risk anything with the family.

The aim of Christmas day was to make it as fun as possible. I was more relaxed as I was definitely more organised and I wasn’t playing host. We had video chats whilst opening presents and the excitement was still there. during our Christmas meal, we chatted with my parents over video call and we still managed to have a fantastic day regardless. I could see that this year was tough for my mum as she really wanted to spend time with us so we have been on video chats around two or three times a day so that they can feel part of this year.

What has felt strange and what has really struck me as tough, is not seeing people. Typically we would have friends over for drinks and nibbles, my parents would be here, we would mingle with neighbours and it would feel a very social time of year. But with lockdown from boxing day and travel restrictions, our street has been deadly quiet and we have bumped into a couple of neighbours when we have been out playing on the new balance bike or out exploring with lots of the other toys that Santa delivered. But it has just felt quiet, uninspiring and I have felt bored at times. I’ve definitely indulged more in cakes, sweets, wine and cocktails and I think I am craving some opportunity to be social. And is it just me or has the TV been just absolutely rubbish this year or what? There has been a skeleton choice of programmes worth watching and the rest has been absolute drivel.

New Year’s Eve plans

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and I am planning a quiet one with BBC Scotland on – as its much better on New Year’s Eve than the English equivalent, some nice finger foods and nibbles, probably from Marks and Spencer and definitely some Bollinger to welcome in 2021. The little man will be in bed early, at 7 pm as usual, and then it will be a chilled night and hopefully, I can stay awake until midnight. My new year’s resolutions are to spend more time writing this blog and try to build up a schedule for posting; to spend more time reading; more activities with the little one outdoors exploring, and to hopefully finally have this house sold so that we can move back to Scotland closer to family and friends. What are your resolutions for 2021? Let me know in the comments or get in touch and I hope you have a fantastic hogmanay.

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