A & E scares

So today was a bit of a day and a half and I have to say that I am pleased to be sat here writing this while the little guy is tucked up in bed fast asleep.

We got up, as usual, this morning, and our day started as normal. Tuesdays are always busy workdays with lots of team meetings and reports getting submitted. I dropped my son off at nursery and came home and got right into a packed schedule of work. We are also in the process of selling the house, and so I had a few emails to send regarding that.

I was glad to get to lunchtime, even if it was an hour later than usual, but it was that the phone went. It was the nursery and the little one had taken a tumble in the playground, landed on his head and it had come up in a huge bruise. They reassured me that he was ok and after the initial worry passed, I calmed down and got on with a monster afternoon of back-to-back meetings. Suddenly, the nursery was calling again and this time they were telling me to come to collect the little one. He had taken a bit of a funny spell after the bump to the head and the recommendation was to take him to A&E and have him checked out.

A sudden feeling of nausea came over me combined with worry about how bad the bump could be and what I was about to be faced with when collecting him from the nursery. Parents will often tell you how they dread the call from nursery or school that an accident has happened, and as much as I have sympathized before, I didn’t really expect to feel so sick with worry when it happened.

I got to the nursery and had a brief chat with the teacher who reassured me that he was ok and that this was simply a precautionary measure since it was quite a bump to the head. Suddenly he appeared happy as Larry and rather reluctant to come home as he appeared to be having a great time doing whatever.

We went to A&E and after about a 30-minute wait we were seen by a nurse who ran some typical tests, asked relevant questions, and spent a huge chunk of her time reassuring me whilst entertaining the little man. Her patience, her sense of humor, and her professionalism during what appeared to be a long and busy shift, was second to none. She smiled and introduced me to her colleague who took us to another room for more tests.

She showed us into a room where there was another little boy and his mum, and we were told to wait patiently and someone would be with us shortly. By this point my son was playing with toys, happily chatting with this other little boy, and he was being his friendly normal self.

We were met by another nurse who just like the first lady, was personable, friendly, and full of tricks to distract my son and get the relevant tests done. She chatted happily and made us feel very welcome to be there and that we had 100% done the right thing in getting him checked over.

We are now home fed, bathed, and relaxing, and I am now sitting thinking just how lucky we are to have an NHS that we can simply attend when we need it without worrying about costs, insurance, etc. And that we are met with friendly happy faces of people who are massively overworked and underpaid and even more undervalued by our government. I feel blessed to have met such lovely people who have reassured me that we weren’t wasting their time and that my little man is safe and sound. It’s when you need a service that you really realize just how important they are.

I’m about to pour a glass of wine, read a couple of journals for my Ph.D. and then get to bed to see what delights tomorrow brings. How is your week going? Let me know on Instagram or drop me a comment below or email me.

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