About Me

Hi, I’m Craig and I like nice things so I decided to set up this space to share them with you. Life is busy with working at a university, part-time studies to complete my Doctor of Education, being a dad, an adoptive dad to Ryan, the best little guy in the world. So why not get even busier with a blog because I love to write and connect with people on Instagram and Twitter.

As I work hard I like to treat myself to nice things. Obsessed with food I love cooking and having kitchen adventures whilst drinking wine and listening to all sorts of music. But I also enjoy getting out and about to explore cool places to eat, drink coffee, eat cake or have a cocktail.

I expect that this blog will feature lots of gadgets, scented candles, nice interiors, grooming products as I am obsessed with them all. Reading is my go-to way to unwind and I do love a good biography. There may be some misadventures of parenting that ought to give you a laugh or two as let’s face it – its bloody tough but so much fun! What a better way to combine all of the things I enjoy than blogging about them and sharing them with you all. Hopefully, you enjoy reading and commenting and I can’t wait to hear from you by email and social media.

You may wonder why I dont post pictures of my son on here and thats simple. This blog is my passion and I want to respect his privacy. Sure I share stories of him and his antics, but thats different to posting photos of him all over the net. Also, since he is adopted, there is the risk of him being identified and thats something I would rather avoid for the time being. I hope your understand and still enjoy reading.