Face Theory, why I’m addicted and why you should be too!

Face Theory Ultimate Set

Face Theory, why I’m addicted and why you should be too!

I honestly can’t remember where I first heard about Face Theory but I am so glad I did. My guess is I saw it on Instagram, probably on Beauty and Seoul. Having used Clinique products for more than twenty years, yes I’m that old, I was getting tired of not noticing improvements in my skin whilst noticing regular price increases and I was keen to find another brand to consider but I just couldn’t make my mind up.  From a young age I had quite bad acne and I was lucky that my mum was happy to invest in Clinique products for me so long as i used them and that they delivered results. So from the age of about 14/15 I have used Clinique and spent a fortune on their various lotions and potions. I think this is where my obsession with skincare products began.

Korean Skincare is world-famous and I was being drawn more and more to options from Korean brands and having lived and also travelled there for work and to see friends, I had tried some of their brands (Skinfood, The Face Shop and Etude House) especially the skeet masks, although I had no idea how to get my hands on them in the UK without paying a fortune for them. The internet is filled with the Korean 10-step skincare regime and I’m not too keen to sign up to that sort of commitment. I’ve got a toddler, a full-time job and I am doing a part-time PhD so there’s no way in hell I can fit in 10-steps!

So from coming across Face Theory I read more to learn about the products and decide if I should bite the bullet and spend some money. That’s right! I spent my own money. This isn’t an advert, just my opinion. After following them on Instagram for a week or so I saw that they were offering a 20% discount on their Ultimate Set and I worked out that the price of the set was much less than a couple of my old products so i jumped in and bought the set.

A few days later, the products arrived in the post beautifully packaged in a simple white box with the company logo on. The ultimate set includes one of each of the following: Clarifying Cleanserwhich kind of tingles when you use it and leaves skin feeling so fresh and clean, Cera-C Pore Reducing Toner which is nice to use. The day time moisturiser with SPF is  Amil C Whip SPF20 and it is really light in the jar and disappears on your skin leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. There is a Green Tea Rescue Mask, which is the only product I havent tried yet and the relaxing Night Cream is much thicker than the day time moisturiser but it doesnt feel claggy on the skin. There is also a lip Balm and a Chirosmooth Rice Ferment Hand Cream, Regenacalm Serum which feels nice on but smells like chipshop brown paper, Porebright Serum and an Organic Cotton Face Flannel all for around £90. I really like the look of the jars, bottles and tubes that the products come in and I really appreciate that they are in the more affordable price range yet deliver such great results. 

My Thoughts?

Having read and watched some YouTube reviews, the claims are that people notice a difference after one or two weeks and I was skeptical at this but I have noticed a difference in as little as a couple of days. My skin feels softer, fresher and just looks much better than before. Colleagues have mentioned on Zoom calls that I look fresher and one even said I looked glowing lol. All of the products are free from parabens and silicons and they are vegan which is an added bonus. 

Having used Cliniwue for such a long time I thought I would find changing to another brand much more of a struggle but these products tick so many boxes for me that its been so easy to change. They are affordable, deliver results and they actually look quite nice on the bathroom shelf.  My next purchase is going to be their eye cream once my other eye cream runs out and I think it would be great if they brought out bath oils and shower gels as I would definitely give them a try.

As I mentioned earlier, I have had an obsession with skincare products for a number of years and now that I am in my forties and really needing to look after my skin, I feel happy that I have found a new product range that I can hopefully use to minimise the effects of ageing for a number of years to come. 

If you have used any of the Face Theory products then why not let me know what you thought of them and which ones are your favourites. Thanks for reading. 

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