Christmas candle of choice this year from Monmouth Botanicals

monmouth botanicals candle - bergamot, frankincense and sandalwood

I am slightly obsessed with candles and I love nothing more than drawing the curtains on a cold winter’s night and lighting one of my latest candle purchases. I have to be honest that I do like going to Homesense to find a few candle bargains. I then come home and light them one at a time night after night, or sometimes, I might go through them trying them out one by one in the same night. Sad, I know.

This year I have been spending quite a bit of time researching bloggers and brands online and expanding my knowledge of brands that are perhaps smaller and have maybe felt the impact of 2020 more than the larger companies. I have really come across a lot of new products and offerings out there and I am pleased to say that some of my hard-earned cash from my day job has been part with in order to support smaller businesses and try out some of their products. This is not an ad and I paid for the candle.

I came across Monthmouth Botanicals and just one look at their website had me wanting to try out everything, in particular, their classes. I am crazy about scents and I really want to try out one of their scent creating classes once lockdown eases. Anyway, I looked at the various products and instantly followed them on Instagram. It was a few days later that they announced their Christmas scent and I was left scrambling for my wallet to get buying. I love bergamot and sandalwood really brings back teenage memories of burning incense in my bedroom thinking I was zen. to be really honest I had no idea what Frankincense was or smelled like but I figured the other two would be winners so why not try it? I also love that the candles are made from 100% soy wax and have cotton wicks.

My thoughts?

Now my plan was to buy this as part of my mum’s Xmas presents and to put it in her stocking, but with changes to lockdown and travel, my parents could no longer plan their trip to us. The candle was quickly purchased whilst I was on a deadly boring work Zoom meeting and all I had to do was wait. A couple of days later, the candle arrived and I had it out of the packaging and lit quicker than you can imagine.

The candle burns nicely and the scent is very gentle even though it fills the downstairs of my house pretty quickly. Its light and fresh but there is an underlying spiciness to it that does make the air smell Christmassy and wintery warm. I burn it for an hour or so and that’s enough to fill the living room fo the evening without being too overbearing. I really recommend that you give these candle crafters and scent superstars a try and please do let me know what you think of them in the comments or do get in touch through my contact page.

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