My Soak Sunday Haul from their Black Friday Offers

soak sunday goodies

So for those of you who know me well, or who follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I can spend hours in the bath just relaxing. And as the nights get darker and the TV continues to be pretty crap, I would much rather hang out in the bath listening to podcasts or simply being in silence. I have tried a number of bath salts and oils, but I am always open to finding new brands to consider.

Through an Instagram post I saw a few weeks back, I learned a little about Soak Sunday and I was intrigued as the packaging looked so lovely and the scents of fresh ginger and basil sounded like something that I would really like. I had a look around their website and everything looked really pampering and all the descriptions sounded so luxurious. But with Christmas coming up I really couldn’t justify spending money on something I didn’t need. But I coveted their site pining for bath time goodies and when it was Black Friday weekend, they were offering 20% off of their ultimate set meaning that it only cost £52 with free postage.

I hear you, that’s still expensive, but I have been working my ass off lately and I decided that it was the right price for me. A couple of clicks and that was it bought and on its way. For the ultimate set, you can pick and choose the scents that you want for each item and I tried to select a few different options to really try out their options. But the sound of the detox options with the ginger and basil had me hooked.

The package arrived on Friday and I was excited to see what the products actually smelled like and whether I had actually wasted my money or not. I opened the outer box and immediately could smell the scents from the candle, I think. Inside a large cardboard box for delivery was a luxurious black box embossed with the brand logo. It had a flip-up lid and inside were my goodies. A jar of ginger and basil bath salts, a jar of body scrub in the same scent, a bottle of almond oil, manuka and chamomile bath oil (my mum said the bottle looked like a small bottle of whisky), a honey and oat scented candle and finally a rose-scented sleep balm. Their products are vegan and cruelty-free and 98% natural which all sounded appealing. My one moan is that the items came in the box in a plastic package to secure it during postage.

my thoughts on the products?

Last night, I put my son to bed and ran a bath, lit the candle, I added in some bath salts and some of the bath oil and I spent about an hour in the bath listening to a podcast and just winding down after a crazy week. The bathroom smelled amazing and the scent seemed to engulf the whole house which was lovely.

I tried the body scrub and expected it to feel grainy and coarse but this felt a little more like melted candle wax between my fingers and it smoothed onto the body really nicely. Again the scent was amazing and it made my skin feel really soft. I would say, if you’re using the bath oil and the body scrub together then theres a chance your bath will probably become slippy. I was sliding around trying to get out the bath and I felt glad to have grain textured wooden floors rather than tiled floors.

Overall the products are really nice, and having spent considerably more on bath oils before from high-end brands, this felt luxurious but the price didn’t break the bank. I am now considering getting my mum some of these products for Christmas as I am sure she would like them.

This is not an ad for the company, it is just me telling you about some nice products that I came across that are cruelty free and really nice to use.

Let me know what products you recommend for unwinding in the bath either by leaving me a comment or dropping me an email. Happy weekend.

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